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Monday, September 21st 2009

8:31 PM

Watercoloring fool

  • Pages Written Today: Not sure, but I made progress.
  • Where did I walk/ride? rode to the post office and art supply store, a couple of miles. Walked down to the Pike for dinner, maybe another mile.
  • Treasures found: 2 pennies, one of them a wheatie!
  • Affirmation of the Day: When I stay busy, I stay productive.
I decided I wanted to learn to watercolor.  So I bought a box of kids watercolors, some cheap brushes, some watercolor paper, and I just jumped right in.

So far my efforts haven't set the world on fire, but I am having fun.  Here is my little ACEO that I just listed in my shop for sale:


It's not a masterpiece but what the heck. 

I rode my bike to the art supply store and the post office.

I'm working on my voodoo book.  I wrote a hundred pages of it lo these many years ago, and it sucked, big time.  Now that I'm revisiting it I can see why it didn't sell.  (And that is a relief--maybe I am getting better???)  It will be an entirely new book when I'm done.  About the only thing I'm salvaging are the characters' names.

Date night tonight.  We went to Islands, which is a chain but it started in So. Cal and I've never been there.  We had some really, really fine burgers.  (Rob and I were joking that if you see the word "fine" in a description of a restaurant, it's a code word for "expensive."  These burgers were both "fine" and "expensive."

Going to bed early tonight.  It's been a long day. 


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